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Semipermanent Makeup at Spa Greystone

Reapplication is a thing of the past with Long-Time-Liner

Long-Time-Liner Conture Makeup at Spa GreystoneHow would you like to go swimming, exercise and enjoy a night’s sleep without ever having to reapply your makeup? With Long-Time-Liner, the world’s leading technology for semipermanent makeup, thousands of satisfied customers agree that putting on makeup every day is a thing of the past. Semipermanent Makeup at Spa Greystone not only highlights your existing features but also conceals minor imperfections.

Founded in Munich, Germany in 1987, Long-Time-Liner is known for its innovative Conture Makeup for eyes, eyeliner and lips. Conture Makeup is deposited into the top layer of skin only with an ultra-fine needle. (In contrast, tattoos and permanent makeup are pigmented into the middle and lower layers of the skin.) Most people experience only gentle scratching sensations during application with little or no discomfort.

Your Esthetician at Spa Greystone will help you select the perfect colors that complement your skin tone and match your style. Conture Makeup lasts from 1 to 3 years and can be touched up, reshaped, replaced with different colors or allowed to fade.

With Long-Time-Liner Semipermanent Makeup at Spa Greystone, you can wake up each morning with perfectly arched eyebrows, beautifully defined eyes and flawlessly colored lips. Please call (205) 980-1744 or email our Birmingham-Hoover, AL Spa today to get started with an appointment today!

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