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Dr. Hedden Teaches TUBA Breast Augmentation Seminar

Aesthetic Meeting 2013 New YorkTransumbilical Breast Augmentation presentation focuses on patient safety, quality results

William J. Hedden, M.D., explained that Transumbilical Breast Augmentation, or TUBA, is a very safe and effective way to perform breast augmentation procedures during a recent seminar attended by some of the world’s foremost aesthetic surgeons. Dr. Hedden’s presentation was part of The Aesthetic Meeting 2013, held April 11-16 by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) in New York City.

The annual event features a variety of resources to advance the education of plastic surgeons nationwide and is taught by the finest surgeons and professionals in the specialty. With more than 3,000 transumbilical breast augmentations performed, Dr. Hedden was excited to share his extensive knowledge and experience to encourage patient safety and quality results.

“We are currently using the transumbilical approach for 45% of our breast augmentations,” Dr. Hedden said. “Patients are seeing great results and experiencing a quicker recovery. There is also less risk of any sensation changes in the nipples and breasts with TUBA.”

Dr. Hedden’s seminar on April 15, 2013, was entitled “TUBA (Transumbilical Breast Augmentation) – A Safe Technique.” He began by going over the instruments used in the procedure before explaining how to prepare the implant, make the incision, tunnel the implants to the breasts using an endoscope and other details of the procedure.

Dr. Hedden also covered contraindications, possible complications, good candidates for TUBA and the pros & cons of the approach. TUBA before & after photos were shown to illustrate the results attained by breast augmentation patients.

TUBA Scarless Breast Augmentation

Invented in 1991 and refined through the years, Transumbilical Breast Augmentation is considered to be a less invasive way to expand the breast contour. The breast implants are inserted through a very small incision at the upper rim of the navel and moved to their placement site behind the breasts with an endoscope. TUBA, often called “scarless breast augmentation,” leaves a tiny scar on the belly button and no scars in the area of the breasts.

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