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Breastfeeding Doesn’t Cause Sagging in Augmentation Patients

breast augmentation modelNew study finds that breastfeeding does not worsen or cause breasts to sag in women with breast implants

Women are often concerned about the effect that breastfeeding could have on the appearance of their breasts, especially after they have invested in breast augmentation. A new study reported by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) found that sagging is not caused by breastfeeding and that women with breast implants are not at an increased risk of sagging breasts.

“Breast sagging, often experienced after childbirth, results from changes brought about by the pregnancy itself, not breastfeeding,” said Norma Cruz, M.D., ASPS member surgeon and study author. “Breastfeeding does not appear to further cause breasts to sag in women who’ve had breast augmentation.”

The study evaluated the changes in breast measurements resulting from pregnancy in women who had Breast Augmentation and breastfed (57 patients) and those who did not breastfeed (62 patients). Measurements were taken before pregnancy and 1 year after pregnancy or 1 year after completing breastfeeding.

Breast changes attributed to pregnancy rather than breastfeeding

Changes in breast measurements and the degree of sagging were not significantly different in breast augmentation patients who breastfed and those who did not. Overall, breast measurements and the severity of sagging showed an increase, but were attributed to changes that occurred due to pregnancy only.

“A similar study in women without breast implants found that breastfeeding was not a significant risk factor for breast sagging,” said Dr. Cruz. “Since breastfeeding improves both a mother and child’s overall health, patient education on this issue is of importance.”

Source: American Society of Plastic Surgeons

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