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Fat Transfer Buttocks Augmentation

Brazilian Butt Lift modelThe Brazilian Butt Lift procedure uses your own natural fat to form a fuller backside

The Brazilian Butt Lift has become one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures at our Birmingham, Alabama practice and one of the fastest growing in the entire country. This body contouring technique is a two-stage procedure that includes liposuction to reduce areas of unwanted fat and fat transfer to sculpt a fuller and curvier rear end. Many patients find that adding volume to their buttocks enhances the overall proportions and silhouette of their entire body.

Since the Brazilian Butt Lift is performed using natural fat from your body, the injected fat is not rejected by the body as a foreign object. The plastic surgeons at Hedden Plastic Surgery inject the purified fat at various depths to contour the buttocks to your desired look.

Sites used for donor fat include the abdomen, love handles, hips, thighs and other areas that resist reduction by exercise and dieting. Good candidates for the Brazilian Butt Lift are usually not too far off their ideal weight but should have some excess fat around the midsection.

Brazilian Butt Lift in Birmingham, Alabama

The size and shape of the buttocks are an important part of the body’s overall beauty. If your backside has lost some of its bounce or you feel that a perkier rear end with more projection would give you a more attractive body, contact Hedden Plastic Surgery today to set up your consultation with the experienced cosmetic surgeons at our Birmingham, Alabama offices at Greystone Cosmetic Center.

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