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Transumbilical Breast Augmentation (TUBA)

Less invasive, endoscopic breast enhancement procedure

Breast augmentation model

Transumbilical Breast Augmentation, or TUBA, is a new endoscopic breast enhancement technique offered by Hedden & Gunn Plastic Surgery in Birmingham, Alabama. TUBA is currently the least invasive method of breast augmentation, affording our patients with larger, shapelier breasts and a quick and comfortable recovery.

TUBA, also called belly button breast augmentation, is rapidly becoming the technique of choice for many women who desire larger breasts to enhance and balance the contours of their body. Board-certified plastic surgeons William J. Hedden, M.D. and J. Stephen Gunn, M.D. have performed hundreds of TUBA procedures for patients from Alabama, other parts of the country and all over the world.

Dr. Hedden and Dr. Gunn perform TUBA procedures at the fully-accredited outpatient surgery suite of Hedden & Gunn Plastic Surgery. Using an endoscope – a small tube fitted with a camera – the breast implants are tunneled beneath the skin of the abdomen from a tiny incision at the belly button. The abdominal skin is more elastic than skin in the breasts area. We have never had any evidence of track marks in the abdomen which have not gone away.

Saline implants, under or over the muscle

The breast implants can be placed partially under the muscle or over the muscle before being filled with saline solution. Saline breast implants are available in different sizes, shapes and styles. Your choices are thoroughly addressed at your consultation.

After TUBA Breast Augmentation, patients can return to their home or hotel room on the same day. Many of our patients have even gone out to dinner the first evening.

The transumbilical (belly button) incision can also be used to exchange the breast implants if desired by the patient to go larger or to replace a deflated implant.

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