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Nose, Chin Key to Facial Harmony

Nose reshaping before afterCombining nose, chin reshaping may be best for facial aesthetics, study says

People who want to enhance their profile have traditionally focused on the nose as the key to facial balance and harmony. While rhinoplasty alone has long been the go-to procedure, a recent study suggests that a combination of Nose Reshaping and Chin Augmentation may be the best way to realize a more proportional and attractive face. Performing these cosmetic procedures in a single surgery is an effective way to cut down on expenses and limit the risks and recovery time.

The researchers, from the University of Verona in Italy, described the nose-chin-neck relationship as having a strong effect on the preception of faces as symmetrical and proportionate. They noted that reshaping both the nose and chin together may provide patients with the best overall results, especially those with a weak chin.

The study reported that results with Nose Reshaping (rhinoplasty) and Chin Augmentation (mentoplasty) performed as a dual procedure appear to be long-term with minimal instability or variation in chin shape.

Alabama Nose Reshaping, Chin Surgery

Many of the patients at our Birmingham, Alabama Cosmetic Surgery Center prefer to avoid a second surgery by combining multiple procedures into a single surgery. This approach can reduce patient costs, consolidate the downtime and risks of the procedures, and even enhance the overall aesthetic outcome.

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