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Gear Up for Summer with Laser Hair Removal

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As summer approaches and the heat is on the rise, men and women are shaking off the winter blues and perking up for the beach, vacations and outdoor fun. Nothing can spoil your debut at the beach or pool faster than unsightly body hair in all the wrong places or skin irritated from shaving or plucking.

That’s why more people than ever before are getting their body ready for summer with Laser Hair Removal to remove hair from the legs, arms, underarms, stomach, chest, bikini line, face and other areas.

The beauty of Laser Hair Removal is that it removes unwanted hair while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. The laser is directly targeted to damage the hair follicles and inhibit their ability to grow hairs. The Certified Laser Technicians at Spa Greystone can treat small areas such as the upper lip in just a few minutes, while larger areas such as the legs or back can take an hour or more.

In the past, only people with darker hair and lighter skin could have laser hair removal. With today’s advanced laser technology, people with all types of skin can be safely treated.

More than one treatment may be required for best results. Laser hair removal is only effective for hair follicles that are actively growing. Hairs that are in the resting or transitional phases of the hair cycle can be treated once they enter the growth phase.

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In addition to laser hair removal, Spa Greystone’s Certified Laser Technicians use FDA-approved lasers to perform safe and effective cosmetic laser treatments that include laser skin resurfacing, laser genesis, laser photofacial, laser skin tightening, laser spider vein therapy and laser scar rejuvenation.

When you’re ready to schedule your complimentary skin assessment and consultation at Spa Greystone, please call 205-980-1744, ext. 2 to contact our Birmingham-Hoover, AL medical spa and laser center.

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