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SkinScope LED Highlights Underlying Skin Concerns

Spa Greystone has introduced a new skincare diagnostic tool – the SkinScope LED from SkinCeuticals. The SkinScope highlights subsurface skin damage under UV light so that underlying skin concerns can be revealed before they rise to the surface.

The Skinscope LED helps to assess your skin through the use of two light settings: 1) simulated daylight mode for reviewing visible concerns, and 2) LED-UV light mode for use in identifying underlying damage. By detecting skincare damage invisible to the naked eye, the SkinScope enhances diagnosis and treatment recommendations, and help track your progress over time.

Daylight and LED-UV Modes

The SkinScope’s daylight mode clearly illuminates visible skin concerns including fine lines and wrinkles, uneven tone, redness, blotchy skin and oily skin.

Under LED-UV mode, the SkinCeuticals SkinScope LED detects skin fluorescence which allows us to identify skin concerns not visible in everyday light. A variety of fluorescent shades reflect the existence of congested pores, skin oiliness, dehydration and other skin conditions.

Fluorescence Skin Technology

When a specific range of UV light illuminates your skin, its reaction is based on what it comes in contact with. Melanin absorbs the light and shows as an absence of color, but other compounds change the wavelength to colors visible to the human eye. Diagnosis can then be made based on the visible shades that are reflected back from your skin.

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