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MemoryGel Xtra Breast Implants

More beautiful options, soft and natural feel

MemoryGel Xtra silicone gel breast implants are designed with you in mind. These FDA-cleared implants offer increased fullness without giving up the soft, natural feel that women prefer. In a blind comparison, 9 out of 10 women chose MemoryGel Xtra as feeling most like natural breast tissue.

Mentor MemoryGel Xtra

MemoryGel breast implants are prefilled with a uniquely formulated silicone gel. This cohesive gel holds together safely and uniformly together for a natural look and feel.

More options in breast implants give you more ways to express your style and individuality. Trusted for over 30 years, Mentor’s MemoryGel implants have been used in breast enhancement procedures for more than 5 million women.

Call 205-980-1744 today to feel the difference for yourself. Board-certified plastic surgeons William J. Hedden and J. Stephen Gunn offer free Breast Augmentation consultations at our cosmetic surgery center in Birmingham, Alabama.

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