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Endermologie Reduces Cellulite, Tones Skin

Relaxing lipomassage stimulates cellular activity

LPG Endermologie treatments are performed using a deep massaging action sometimes called lipomassage. When used on the body and face, Endermologie mobilizes tissue beneath the skin and stimulates dormant cellular activity. Lipomassage treatments for smoothing the dimply appearance of cellulite, sculpting stubborn pockets of fat and toning the skin are painless and 100% natural.

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Many people who get regular exercise and eat a healthy diet choose to make Endermologie a part of their overall lifestyle. Treatments with lipomassage are proven to increase circulation and expel toxins from the body, while reducing muscle aches and boosting the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

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Make the most of your natural beauty and healthy lifestyle with Endermologie at Spa Greystone. Cell stimulation with this 100% natural technique is effective for cellulite reduction and more with our highly trained technicians.

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