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SofPulse Therapy Increases Patient Satisfaction

Innovative device enhances post-surgical recovery – the natural way

SofPulse - get to the new you fasterSofPulse® is a non-invasive therapy that reduces swelling and pain for post-surgery patients. SofPulse helps the body do what it does, naturally – increase blood flow, reduce inflammation, reduce pain and improve healing. A clinically proven option for post-operative soft tissue management, SofPulse is available at Hedden Plastic Surgery for our cosmetic surgery patients who undergo breast augmentation and other surgical procedures.

SofPulse’s Targeted Microcurrent Therapy transmits gentle pulses to the tissue that reduce pain, swelling and inflammation on a cellular level. These pulses stimulate cellular activity by helping the cells release signals that reduce swelling and speed up the natural healing process. This natural cellular process allows you to get back to life faster with less use of prescription medications.

Clinical studies have shown that SofPulse significantly reduces swelling, pain and the need for post-procedure prescription medications, which can lead to a faster recovery and an improved patient experience. Narcotic painkillers and prescription anti-inflammatory medications can result in vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, constipation and many other adverse side effects. With all of the treatments performed to date, no adverse events have been reported with SofPulse.

Immediately after the procedure, your surgeon will place and activate SofPulse. The device will be placed over your surgical dressing or clothing and should be removed before bathing or showering. The length of time you should use SofPulse will vary depending on the details of your surgical procedure.

SofPulse is indicated for adjunctive use in the palliative treatment of postoperative pain and edema in superficial soft tissue. It is not indicated as a substitute for treatment of deep tissues. SofPulse should not be used on patients with cardiac pacemakers or on those with metallic implants in the area of application. It should not be used during pregnancy or over the joints of skeletally immature patients. The long term biological effects of pulsed electromagnetic energy are not known at this time.

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